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Extending 2.4Km with an Area of 7.48ha, the park is located in the underpass of the Metropolitan Expressway Route 7. Taking advantage of the local conditions, protected from the rain, we are featuring a canoe/kayak course, and Futsal court (with admission fee). Free services include Water Athletics, a Parent and Child Catch-ball Square, Ground Golf, a Putting Course, a Fitness Exercise and Recreation area with health oriented playground equipment, and A Flowing Fountain Splashing Pool. We have a wide range of sports facilities.

Also, There is a Japanese Garden with a Koi Pond! All located near the waterfront.
With familiar waterways nearby, it is the perfect park to take a leisurely stroll and relax.

Guide Map (Japanese)

Guide Map

Park Use Guide

6:00 – 22:00

  • Use of the park is only permitted during the hours stated above.
  • After the park closes please leave immediately.
  • Setting up tents, camping, etc. in the park is prohibited, and will be immediately removed in the event such activities are observed.

Use Manners