Parent and Child Catch Ball AreaParent and Child Catch Ball Area

Inside the park, we have setup an open area for playing ball games. After the renovation, we changed the name to “Parent and Child Catch-ball Square” last year.

To the west of the park, from Kyū Kameshima Bridge to Itsuno Bridge, there are two sides. To the East, from Shōwa Bridge to Tatekawa Bridge, there are 2 sides, also. And, from Kyū Nakano Bridge to Shin Rokuno Bridge, there are 2 more sides. For a total of sides.

Including Catch, you can also play other ball games. Such as baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball.
As a team, or as a group, when using, please be mindful of others using the square, and local residents. After about an hour, please allow others waiting, to use the play. Please be considerate of others.

It should be noted that the park provides this space free of charge, and use the square in a ‘for-profit’ manner is not permitted. (i.e. sports club lessons)

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  • Parent and Child Catch Ball Area02
  • Parent and Child Catch Ball Area03

Open Dates and Time

  • April – September 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • October – March 9:00am ~ 5:00pm

Closed during the New Year Holidays (Dec 29 ~ Jan 3). All other days are available.


Use is free and complimentary, Reservations are not needed. Please be considerate and share with others.

Age requirements

  • Elementary school and above
    *However, toddlers and those with special needs may also use the square if accompanied by a parent or guardian


  • Use of the space guidelines is 1 hour per use. Please allow for others to enjoy the square.
  • Using the square for activities other than ball play is not allowed. (i.e. RC cars)
  • Using hard balls is not permitted.
  • When using Bats or rackets, be sure to check your surroundings. Be careful not to hit other people or objects.
  • Please do not use hit balls into the Nets as a Goal.
  • Please follow the instructions of the attendants.
  • Food and alcoholic drinks are not permitted.
  • The park assumes no responsibility for accidents or injury. Play at your own risk.